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キース・ヘリング、ジャン・ミシェル・バスキア等のアーティストの活動に影響を受け1970年代より活動している伝説的グラフィティアーティスト、Futura。Futura laboratoryの復活やOff White、ACWとのコラボレーションと精力的に活動を行っていた彼が突如オンラインストアの閉鎖を発表。それについてFuturaは、自身の作品が転売市場で法外な価格で販売されることにストレスを感じ、本当のファン”をサポートするためとした。


Futura surprisingly closed his online store. He has been collaborating Off White, ACW and New York Mets. And he also re boot his Futura Laboratory. But he is frustrated over his products being sold at resell market. Check out his message below.

This is a message from: Futura

In an effort to get our products into the proper hands (who will actually appreciate it) we will reach out to those individuals. To the real fans and supporters, you know who you are (and we know who you are). You will be hearing from us at FL. We hope this will reduce our products being sold at second or third-hand markets and reselling them at exorbitant prices. We hate that our fans are fighting against at machine (sic). We want this to be a unique and fair experience for every person.

Because of that:
FUTURARCHIVES is now indefinitely closed.

Thank you for your participation and your understanding.

Real humans will prevail (always).



Pics Via,Futura